Will Bullock Painting & Restoring

Will Bullock Painting & Restoring has been on the Monterey Peninsula for over 35 years.

We are a small high quality service oriented painting company with the contractor himself on site every day doing hands-on work. Our specialty finishes and quality treatments come with a guarantee and the offers of a maintenance program that has been known to cut multi-year costs in half.

Wood Treatment & Faux Painting



We feature wall colorations, plus wood graining and unique stains, and a large array of wood treatments, including distressing, aging, wood carving, and Sou Sugi Ban, which uses heat to sculpt wood into natural curves or elevate grain. We can make any new surface appear old, worn, and with a color that ties into adjacent object and wall decor, all with intriguing overlays of color in subtle and transparent depth or with a more simple and plain treatment. In-truck colorants are available to match any color.

Timeliness, honesty, integrity and attention to detail in all painting services.