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Historical Homes Painting & Restoration

When it comes to restoring a historical property Will Bullock is the go-to expert in Monterey County. We have been restoring homes to their original look and feel the architects and home designers intended at its concept. Sometimes a home has been painted in the past losing its personality from a visual standpoint. Perhaps the window frames were painted over where stain would have been a better choice. We can recreate the historical feel with modern techniques that protect your home well into the future. We take time and use well-tested techniques to bring your home back to the life it was intended to live! Our initial consultation will take your vision and our expertise into account to determine the direction and starting point as well as the look and feel desired

Historical Home Contractor

Choosing the right painting contractor for a historical home especially one that has been declared a historical home by the County or City is imperative. We know exactly what restrictions may be in play and can work to expedite work and get it done correctly. Weather is always a factor in our coastal community and we test the wood and exterior of the home to insure the paint stain and other texturing sets correct in order to last. This is an important factor that is often overlooked by home painters in Monterey. Wood treatments and exterior paint quality are key factors historical homes need to thrive in our environment. Will Bullock uses his expertise from extensive work on historical homes in this area to deliver a finished product that will give you bragging rights for years to come.

Historical Home Paint Restoration

If you are looking for a historical home painting contractor in Carmel By The Sea, Pebble Beach, Monterey, Pacific Grove or any of the surrounding areas call Will Bullock Painting and Restoring. We specialize in exterior and interior house painting, wood treatment, window treatments and artistic preservation of historical homes. Will Bullock will be onsite everyday to ensure the integrity of the project and deliver the masterpiece you expect.

Important Factors

  • Painting Contractors Experienced with Historical Homes
  • The end result desired
  • Weatherproofing and wood treatment
  • Paint Quality and application environment when applied
  • Painting Contractor onsite to ensure work is done correctly
  • Faux work experience to create the perfect look
  • Experienced work crew understanding the scope of work
  • EPA Certification for lead paint in houses built before 1978

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