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We offer complete interior and exterior painting of residences and remodels, restoration of historical homes, power washing, deck coating, garage floor epoxy painting or acid staining, fine cabinet and casement finishing, natural and eco-friendly wood coating, high-tech and old- world finishing, expert color matching, color coordination, carved and distressed wood, faux coloration on any surface, American Clay plaster, cement and wood restoration, moisture problem abatement, wall repair, natural shellac and varnish coloring, marine coatings and the latest in metal finishing—and all these always with more than adequate preparation.

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Painting Contractor

Interior House Painter

We are experienced interior home painters. We make recommendations regarding color matching and texture. We understand that the interior house painting in your home sets the tone and personality. It's what you see most and gives a great first impression to a guest. In most cases, the interior house painting can greatly enhance the look and feel of your home. Often times our interior house painter will make the home appear larger and more open as well.
Faux treatment

Faux treatment

Historical Home Painter

Will Bullock has been a Historical Home Painter and wood restoration specialist in Monterey for over 40 years. He applies his experience working with the climate in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey and Pacific Grove to the beautiful historic properties in this area. Painting a Historical home requires special treatments and painting product in order to retain the original integrity of the home as well as making it stand the test of time. When considering Historical Homes you will want a painting company with the experience to make the look just right.

Fairy Tale Residence

Fairy Tale Residence

Wood Treatment

Weather in Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula, in general, can strongly affect the wood around the window frames and doors. Our approach as a painting contractor in this region is that the paint and wood must be treated in order to make your house look great. We use special techniques we have acquired over time that have been tested to help make the wood last and look great. Our Faux painting and treatment is second to none and will make your home the envy of the neighborhood

Faux Painter

Our approach to the interior painting of your home is to make everything look as natural and real as possible. If you are looking for an original late 1800's feel and want the look perfect. This is what we do. Will Bullock painting has been creating and recapturing authentic looks for homes with Faux painting that brings your home the feel and look the original designer or architect intended

Faux Finish

Faux Finish

Exterior Painting Contractor

We are residential house painters. When we come out to your home we are prepared to give a real estimate and let you know how long it will take and what will be involved. We have our lead painting contractor onsite each day to make sure the work is done to our high standards. We make recommendations regarding color and texture for the interior painting and exterior painting of your home. This is a good time to discuss faux painting finishes and texture as well to get the perfect look. We understand there are quite a few painting companies in Carmel and the surrounding areas. We want you to have the best. Call Now

Painting Company

House Painter

Our Painting Company in the Monterey Peninsula is experienced. We come out prepared to finish the job we start. Each home we work on in Monterey is treated with superior paint products and wood treatments to weather the storm of our region. Especially the damp overcast that punishes homes in this region. Our House Painters in Pebble Beach, Carmel and throughout Monterey make sure your home is painted with integrity to last.

House Painter In Carmel

Big Beach House

Exterior Home Faux Painting

Faux Painting is a niche and one that we excel in. The homes in Carmel, Pebble Beach, and Monterey have a special look and feel. Different than in any other region. That's why when it comes to painting the exterior of your home our painting contractor takes extra special care to get the Faux Painting on your home just right. We know how it is supposedfaux painting for homes to look and use our faux paint finishing techniques to get it right

Painting Contractor

Will Bullock Painting and Restoration has been a painting contractor servicing Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, and Monterey for over 30 Years. We are Licensed and insured. Our crew has been working together painting homes in Monterey County and we understand the work required and diligence needed to get the job done right the first time. When you hire our company, rest assured our painting contractor deliver and the paint in your home will look great inside and out!

Exterior Wood

Exterior Wood

Exterior House Painter

Exterior house painting can be quite an undertaking. This is the impression your home gives to guests and people who drive by each day. More importantly, it gives you a sense of pride each time you come home. That is why we take such pride in our work when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. The main base coat,

Vintage Cottage

Vintage Cottage

as well as the accents and wood treatments all play a roll in bringing your home to life. We take time to get the look you want

Painting Company in Carmel, Pebble Beach, Monterey & Pacific Grove

Our Painting company has been established and servicing the Monterey Peninsula for over 30 years. We have done specialty exterior house painting in Carmel. Our house painters have done unique work on homes in Pebble Beach and we pride ourselves on the quality work our painting contractors in Monterey and Pacific Grove have performed over the years to retain the original look and integrity of properties. When you search for a quality Painting company in Monterey give us a call to show you the work we are capable of performing on your home inside and out.

Residential House Painter

Interior House Paint and Design

When you choose a painting company to come to your home do you really know the exact colors and textures you want? Will Bullock is just as much an artist as he is a house painter. He can help make recommendations that will showcase your home and give it the look and feel you are hoping for. Each room has it's own personality and function. We want your home to express that. Our team of house painters will get the texture right and blend colors together so the flow throughout your home connects freely and makes sense. Every detail regarding moldings, windows, and frames will be just right.

Faux Wood Painting & Cabinets

Faux wood Painting Cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom can really bring a home together. It's the little details and accents that make our painting company special. We have the know-how on getting faux painting right. We don't overdo it as we want your home to look as if it is the original work from the era you are going for. Classic Faux, Vintage Faux paint and Historical Restoration are where we shine. Let us bring your home "back to the past" with a look that is adored today.

Interior Design

Onsite Consultation

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When We Meet With You

Our initial consultation may have a lot of information, and it is free. After the initial meeting, we will identify in writing what is to be done with most details specified and include a cost estimate. Choices will be offered to fit the budget. Appropriate preparation on all surfaces must underly any job that we undertake, for both interior and exterior coatings, and they will be given in detail. We specialize in working with Owners to mutually arrive at the finished project both in terms of appearance and budget, without compromise of quality.

Our Projects

Property improvements range from a front door treatment or a single bathroom to an eight- thousand square foot home. Our craftsmen can adjust doors and windows, cure dry rot and peeling wood conditions, and with the right color create a home you will want to enjoy. We are known for exceeding our customer’s expectations whether they be ordinary or high-end, both in the beautiful completed project and in its longevity. Timeliness, integrity, transparency, and trouble-free operations in all our painting services goes very far to ensure that your money is well-spent and that you will be pleased with the outcome while being aware of each step in the process.

Paint Quality

We use only the highest quality materials, including the brand names Kelly-Moore, Benjamin Moore, Dunn-Edwards, American Clay plaster, Rustoleum or Griot garage floor two-part epoxy, Epifanes marine finishes, old world tung oil, Smith-Bell Restor-it Restoration Products, and selected products from the Behr and Sherwin Williams lines. Being in business for several decades, we know which preparation and products will actually preserve your property and which do very little. Our maintenance program with long-term clients has taught us about this, and as we review what we have done years later, it is clear what really works.

Our Crew

High in Training, all of our Painters are English speaking, and have been with our company for no less than 8 years, and the longest 24 years. Many of our high-end clients trust us to take care of their property in their absence, including taking care of the key and the alarm system. On projects where Owners do not leave the house, we are fastidious with plastic barrier walls and use our Hepa vacuum to contain all dust. We offer Eco-friendly interior products for less odor whenever requested.
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Professional Details

We are State licensed, fully insured, an EPA Certified Firm, an Accredited Business by the Better Business Bureau, and enjoy a top rating by the Prime Buyer’s Report. We are part of the team that earned the “2010 Pacific Grove Heritage House Preservation Award”, and our work has been twice featured in “Haven” Magazine.

Will Bullock Painting & Restoring

Timeliness, honesty, integrity and attention to detail in all the painting services we provide ensure that you, our customer, are always pleased with the output and aware of each step in the process. .


About Will Bullock, can't recommend them highly enough. They have done a lot of work for us. We have a good sized home that is all red cedar siding and they have been re-staining our house for a number of years. They come every year and inspect and see what kind of touch up is needed. Very, very detail oriented. We wouldn't use anybody else. I know you'll be thrilled by the work they do for you.

-Steve D.

Will Bullock was recommended to us and he did our two story job in Pacific Grove and did a spectacular job. He does incredible work. I was home so I witnessed everything that was done. I recommend him highly.

-Ron T.

Will Bullock has worked for us on numerous occasions. Will is a real artist. This is a second home for us so they've worked here when we've been away and I've been completely satisfied and recommend them without exception. I wish everybody who works on the peninsula I could say the same about but when it comes to Will Bullock and his crew, they could not be more highly recommended.

-Honoré R.

Will Bullock, he is fabulous. He did our walls, ceilings, doors, living room, foyer, dining room, moldings, all really great. He also worked at my mom's cottage in Carmel. I can't say enough good things.

-Lucy A.

Regarding Will Bullock, he has done a myriad of things for us over the years. He's a phenomenal painter. He's done tremendous restorative work on our home in Carmel that was built in the 1920's. I am very happy with all of his work. He's been in the business a very long time. His work is excellent. Go ahead, hire him. I know you'll be happy.

-Rosemary W.

I can't tell you how much we‘ve been happy and relied on the good work of Will Bullock over the years. He's worked on our house a lot because right on the ocean of course it takes a lot of work. I'm happy to tell you what a skillful and honest person he is.

-Annette L

We have contracted with Will Bullock Painting for 20 years, painting and restoring the exterior and interior of our home in Carmel, including refinishing a prized solid oak dining room table, to our complete satisfaction and below original bid. We have total confidence in Will Bullock's professional and personal guarantees. Even years after the fact, he has always come through for us without question. His reputation means everything to him and his crew, as it always has to us.

-Scott and Judy, Carmel

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